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What Families Are Saying...

"Services are going well with your agency and we greatly appreciate it.  Amelia is "superb" and I could not ask for a better CAREgiver for my wife. 

Fred in Ridgeville, SC 

"Phyllis has made a huge difference in my husband.  He told me that "she is the BEST person next to me!" He is a very private man, but trust Phyllis with almost anything.  With him having Parkinson & Dementia, she helps him maintain as much of his independence as possible and does it in such a graceful manner.  We absolutely love her...thank you!

Margaret in Summerville, SC

"Jamya was such a pleasure and truly a gem. She was so attentive to my husband and his needs, which made me so comfortable.  We would definitely love to have her fill-in anytime with us."                                                                                                                                 Eunice in Summerville, SC 


"My wife has Alzheimer and I have not seen her smile or even talk in months until Ms. Sarah came.  It makes me happy to see that Sarah is able to bring so much joy to my wife and have her do things that she hasn't done in a very long time"                                                                  Frank in Goose Creek, SC

"The service your agency provides has been a true blessing to my family and definitely a relief...thank you!"                                       Laura in Charleston, SC

"I received a call from our client and she was very pleased with the service that your agency provided. She was so pleased that you responded so quickly to get services in place. She was highly complimentary of the caregiver you sent. She said she was “knowledgeable, kind during this hard time, and very professional.” Your caregiver made her husband’s death a little easier. Your caregiver allowed the family the opportunity to focus on spending quality time with the client in his final days. Thanks for the good job. It made a difference"...                                         Don in N.Charleston,SC

"Your girls are definitely ANGELS, very attentive and a breath of fresh air. We have such an amazing team in place caring for my husband and we can't be more pleased with them as they provide exceptional care to him"                                                                                                    Darrie in Goose Creek, SC

"For the first time in a longtime I'm able to actually rest and know that my husband is in good hands"                                            Dottie in Columbia, SC


"Thank you for being a great resource for all the many South Carolinians affected by these horrific illnesses. May your service continue to bless so many families like you ladies helped my family as we were ALS caregivers..."                                                                               Nicolette in Orangeburg, SC

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